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The 2016 All World Beauties US & Man of Distinction

Royal Court

Queen of Queens


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We have a division for almost everyone!

All World Beauties

Jr. Teen 13-15

Teen 16-17

Miss 18-29

Miss Plus 18-29, single, size 14+

Ms 30-44

Ms Plus 30-44, single, size 14+

Mrs 21-44, Married

Mrs Plus 21-44, Married, size 14+

Elite 45 & Up

​International 18 & Up

Man of Distinction (18 & Up)

Little Miss All World Beauties

​Baby (0-23m)    

Tiny (2-3)      

Petite (4-5)     

Darling (6-8)     

Sweetheart (9-10)      

Preteen (11-12)

Young Man of Distinction
Little Man of Distinction


Jr Man of Distinction


The Three AWB Pillars

Inner Beauty, Empowerment, and Service are the Three AWB Pillars and we believe they are the keys to success! Each delegate and our reigning Queens are charged with bringing these keys to success to each and every woman they meet and to utilize these virtues to be the change in their own communities.

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 They are the Official AWB/MOD Photographers and Videographers!

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Each of our Queens brings a unique and dynamic perspective to All World Beauties. Get to know each of our National and International Queens as they share their story and their hearts by following the links for US QUEENS and MAN OF DISTINCTION



All World Beauties &

Man of Distinction Pageant


Krystle Nicole Johnson- Ms Ultimate All World Beauties US 2016

Rafael Gallego- AWB Man of Distinction 2016

Jaelyn Belle Jackson- Miss Jr Teen All World Beauties US 2016

Avery Whitmire- Miss Teen All World Beauties US 2016

Skyla Spencer- Ms All World Beauties US 2016

Ebony Eldridge- Ms All World Beauties Plus US 2016

Shatwaina Lester- Mrs All World Beauties Plus US 2016

Monica Tanner- Ms All World Beauties Elite US 2016

Stephanie Burleson- Ms All World Beauties Ambassador US 2016

Robert Daniels II- AWB Ambassador of Distinction

Andrea Nicole Sledge- AWB Queen of Queens Lifetime IV (not pictured above but pictured below)

Sherlyn Fox- AWB Queen of Queens Lifetime V 

Noreen Daniels- AWB Lifetime Ambassador