The Texas All World Beauties Pageant

Note:  The national All World Beauties Pageant will be held March 1-4, 2018 in Garland, Texas. 
Applicants accepted as state representatives must compete in the national pageant.

Eligibility Requirements
Must live within the state of Texas
Must be a US Citizen and have no past or current felony convictions
Must be born a female
Must compete in the respective national pageant or relinquish state title and regalia
Must abide by all rules and regulations of the pageant and attend pageant institute
Must make minimum of 1 appearance/month after receiving crown and sash
Must pay all Texas participation fees and national entry fees
Must complete an online application and pass the social media screening
Must agree to be coached by the state director or her designee.
Must agree to make a minimum of one appearance a month once regalia is received
Must sign and return all required paperwork

Texas Participation Fees

$85 Participation Fee
$225 Tickets (5 tickets @$45 each. Includes dinner and State Program Brochure)

All appointed queens will represent the state Texas in the national All World Beauties Pageant.

Texas queens advancing to the All World Beauties Pageant must complete the national entry fee balance by Saturday, October 28, 2017. ($50 deposit with application submission ~ $150 by June 2017 ~ $100 by July 2017 ~ $99 by Saturday, October 28, 2017)

Texas All World Beauties State Gift List
All State Queens Receive:
Official Crown Pin
Official Custom State Sash
Official Custom State Crown
Official Custom State Program Brochure
Official Customized Commemorative Award
Official Pageants Unlimited Plus Queenery Bag
Official Pageants Unlimited Plus Tee Shirt
Official Mock Judging with Recommendations for Improvement
Official Stage Presentation Coaching from Pageants Unlimited Plus
Official Communications Coaching from pageants Unlimited Plus
Official Wardrobe Consultation from Pageants Unlimited Plus

State Title Appointments
State titles will be issued in order of date of the appointment (per division)

1st Appointment          Texas
2nd Appointment         Lone Star
3rd Appointment         Alamo State
4th Appointment         Yellow Rose State
5th Appointment         Bluebonnet State

*A maximum of 5 appointments per division will be made. See the Home Page for divisions. Completing an application does not guarantee a state appointment.  The applicant must pass a social media screening, pre-screening interview and meet all eligibility requirements.*

Entry/Participation Fees
Pay by Pay Pal
$85 Texas Total Participation Fee
$45 Texas Partial Participation Fee
$40 Texas Partial Participation Fee
$225 Texas Crowning Showcase Dinner Tickets

$50 National Entry Fee Deposit
$150 Partial National Entry Fee Payment All World Beauties
$100 Partial National Entry Fee Payment All World Beauties
$99 Partial National Entry Fee Payment All World Beauties
$399 Full National Entry Fee Payment All World Beauties

Make money orders/cashier’s checks payable to Pageants Unlimited Plus.
Mail to: Pageants Unlimited Plus ~2303 Elm Falls Place ~ Mesquite, Texas 75181

Contact Us:

Nanette M. Watts, Executive Director
Email: or
Pay Pal Address:
Phone: (469) 226-6510

Crowning Showcase Required Attire:
Dressy Black Outfit and Black, Silver or Clear Shoes/Sandals
Evening Gown and Matching Shoes/Sandals
Foundation Garments as Needed
Matching Jewelry

*No visible body piercings with the exception of earrings. Tattoos must be covered.

Crowning Showcase Presentation Areas:
Personal Introductions (Name, Platform, Favorite Quote, What Makes You a Queen)
Stage Presentation (Confidence, Eye Contact, Smoothness of Walk, Body Angles)
Evening Gown (Appropriate Fit, Color and Style ~ Poise, Charisma, Eye Contact, Smile)

*Scores and comments will be shared for the sole purpose of helping state queens prepare for the national competition.  Queens will be prepped for national categories of competition prior to the national pageant.  State Queens must agree to be coached only by the state director or her designee.* 


Texas All World Beauties Crowning Showcase
The Jewel Room Event Center
3300 Gus Thomasson Road, Suite 204
Mesquite, Texas 75150
September 9, 2017


Texas All World Beauties
Miss    Ages 19-29 and single
Ms.     Ages 30-44 and single
Elite  Ages 45+
Mrs.  Ages 21